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All professional Actives & Vehicles + Smart Online Consultation Quiz + Online Education Program + Quick & Easy Onboarding.

Now you are ready to give all your clients a personalized treatment by mixing & matching the right actives & vehicles. With the start box you can give prescription facials. You can treat any skin concern and achieve any skin goal. Based on your education and experience, you already have all the knowledge. Now it’s time to move on and grow. Become a Next Generation beauty institute with next level skin improvement and next level business.

Every active and vehicle can also be purchased in adjusted retail percentage and volumes, so that you can give every client a personalized prescription with the right actives and dosages for home skin care.

The Professional Start Box voor NextGen beauty salons and spa’s
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1. All professional Actives & Vehicles that you will mix & match to achieve every skin goal and solve every skin concern

    • Glycolic Acid 20% - 50ml>

    • Mandelic Acid 40% - 50ml

    • Salicylic Acid 2% + Azelaic acid 14% - 50ml

    • Ascorbic Acid 20% - 50ml

    • Retinol Palmitate 3,7% (= Retinol 1,6%) – 50ml

    • Meso Cocktail with hyaluronic Acid – 50ml

    • Niacinamide 14% - 50ml

    • Vegan Vehicle Cleanser with Edelweiss – 500ml

    • Vegan Vehicle Cream with Edelweiss – 500ml

    • Inca Inchi Face oil – 60ml

    • Embedding Mask - 160gram

    • Mix tools

    • Recipes for 12 skin concerns prescription facials

2. Smart education program; we are happy to help and support you to become the best beautician and the best in business

  • Fast and simple onboarding so that you can start as a smart salon within 3 days of your order
  • Online training videos
  • Annual National Prescription Seminar on location
  • Education manual
  • Prescription protocols: do's and don'ts
  • Personal business guidance. You can always schedule an online business meeting whenever it suits you
  • Prescription Community on Facebook with all Prescription beauty salons + spa’s

3. Smart and simple technology:

By linking the latest technological possibilities to your treatments and your business, you really become a NextGen salon: Covid-19 proof and you give all your clients a unique personalized experience.

  • Your own personalized Smart Consultation Quiz that your client receives out of your beauty salon or spa.
  • Your own MyPortal in which all Quiz results and the accompanying recipes for the facial and the prescription for at home are immediately stored. A great overview to really know your customer.
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Curious about the possibilities?

Do you also want to work super smart? And do you also want to turn your salon into a booming business? Then you will probably also wonder why start orders, training and treatments in your salon cannot be much more effective? Why you can't buy much cheaper?

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Want to become a prescription ™ professional too?

Becoming a prescription ™ professional is as simple as purchasing the start box and choosing your own retail package. Then you get immediate availability of a personal portal, the smart consultation for clients, 24/7 help from Aida and access to an online training program and business support. All this offers you as a beautician or skin therapist the opportunity to have a next level smart salon.

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