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Esther Meijer-Litjens & Stephanie Litjens


    In 2005 we opened the first soap treatment store in down town Amsterdam with a completely new set-up of the traditional beauty salon & store. The innovative treatments, the extended opening hours, the top service and the beautiful interior soon turned out to be a great success. The second store, in the more chique Amsterdam South area, was soon opened afterwards. In addition to Amsterdam, there are now also soap treatment stores in The Hague, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Haarlem. Here you can go daily from 9 am to 9 pm for facials, manicure, pedicure, waxing, massage and other top-level beauty treatments and products. With every treatment and for every client, we always focus on the best possible results. And relaxation and pampering? We believe that’s a logical service that everyone can expect from us.


    In 2013 the cosmetic clinics, doctors at soap, were added. We made the medical-cosmetic treatment accessible to everyone: long opening hours, affordable, easy to book and free consultations. And with a team of top cosmetic doctors, all trained internally to work according to our own no trace face® techniques: you should never look treated, but you should look fresher, younger and more rested. Skin therapy is now also an important part of doctors at soap. A team of high educated and certified skin therapists in combination with the best laser equipment and skin improvement products can effectively treat any skin concern and excess hair.


    We launched our soap recommends skin care product line in 2016. Our own skin care recipes with a feel good touch and often provided with our unique heaven scent fragrance, composed in the South of France.


    We had built up a nice network with fantastic clients, soap specialists, influencers, beauty press, ambassadors and suppliers and also wanted to "give back". In 2018 we launched soap foundation in collaboration with AROSA, a governmental non profit organization for vulnerable women, men and children offering them protected sheltered homes. We agree on beauty should not be a luxury, so we collect unopened beauty products and personally deliver them to these homes all over the Netherlands. Everytime we see that a moment of self care with a nice beauty product really boosts your self-confidence.

    Prescription for beauty pro’s

    Since the beginning of 2020, we have been making ourselves stronger for the entire beauty salon and beauty world. With 15 years of experience, we would like to share our knowledge and expertise with other beauty salons, beauticians and skin therapists and it is our mission to bring the entire beauty industry to a higher level. How? We have set up prescription with a team of experts: an accessible and new mix & match concept that can be operational within 3 days. The prescription facials are hyperpersonalized by the online smart consultation quiz and the customized mixing & matching of the active ingredients. Prescription is low start orders and digital first, except for the facial itself. Online ordering, quick onboarding, a Myportal with all your client data, online education, online business support and online client consultation. And we share online retail with every prescription salon.


    Prescription at home

    Prescription is also available for home use. Very accessible and easy, the smart beauty quiz will give you a personalized prescription to treat and maintain your skin yourself at home with our scientifically proven pure and active ingredients and the vegan cream and vegan cleanser.


    We work with a team of believers. Every day we are busy with optimization and growth. We believe that this can only be achieved in an open organization where everyone's opinion and perspective is important. This translates into collaborations with that magic extra and a number of nominations and awards that we have recently won. An external boost and incentive to continue to believe in our dreams and ambitions and to realize them.

    - The Next Women 2020

    - The Next Women 2019

    - VIVA 400 2020

    - Dutch Beauty Award 2020

    - Meest Inspirerende Ondernemer 2020